Featured Pizza – Brussels Sprouts & Bacon

As we at Urban Pie call it “E’ryday I’m Brusselin.” We know, we know…… We hear it all the time still. “Brussel Sprouts? On a pizza?” For those of you that have not realized that Brussels have been cool for the last 5 years and actually are making their way back out of style. Well… It’s a darn good pizza. These are not boiled brussels sprouts in butter. We concur….. Boring and blah. We literally pick each leaf of the Brussels sprout off by hand. It takes forever and you can imagine the amount of labor spent just to make one pizza. But it makes it all the while. We top this pie with fresh mozzarella, pecorino, Brussels sprout leaves, bacon and Calabrian chili oil. Sometimes if we have them Korean chili threads make an appearance. The leaves hold up well to the 900-degree wood-burning oven. And they slightly char and steam on the pie. During the season we even replace them with purple brussels sprout leaves.  It might be our favorite Urban Pie.

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